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Trinidad City

Trinidad, Bolivia

The department of Beni is located in the Bolivian Amazon. It is a region with a great variety of unique flora and fauna. It features extensive plains that represent a natural wealth and rich Amazonian forest where great rivers of many colours converge.

Beni is also known as the territory of the Great Moxos, a land of infinite mysteries and unparalleled charms. It was also the site of several expeditions beginning in the year 1538. The Jesuit funded missions and, together with the various ethnic groups, established the basis for a community culture, only to be banished many years later.Beni is the land of rubber and nuts, of plains and cattle breeding, of exuberant beauty and a wealth of traditions - where the down-to-earth people harvest hospitality and joy. The capital is Trinidad, a place that houses nature, culture, history and ancient traditions.

The Trinidad Cathedral: It is a very large modern temple that shows the selected tastes of the period, with its white facade in Romanesque Revival style and two high bell towers with a central block in between that opens into the lower body of the church. There is a great rosette in the upper level, and a mosaic medallion which represents the holy trinity to which the church is dedicated.


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