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Lake Titicaca And Island

La Paz, Bolivia, Bolivia

Lake Titikaka, mystical and sacred: Known as “The Sacred Lake of the Incas”, this the highest body of water in the world (3810m/12.500ft), 283m/928ft deep, with an extension of 8400km2/3.243sq mi. This is shared with the Republic of Peru. Its territory houses a great diversity of attractions, such as: 

Island of the sun: An hour and a half from Copacabana by motorboat, it houses pre-Columbian monuments like Pilkokaina Palace and the Chinkana or Labyrinth. One can also see the Incan Staircase, the Sacred Fountain of Eternal Youth, the pre-Columbian harvest ledges, the towns of Challapampa to the north and Yampupata in the south. 

Island of the moon: Also called Koati, located 7km/4mi from the Island of the Sun, it allows for a wonderful view of the snow-capped Illampu and the Western Mountain Range. In this place one can find the ruins of the Iñak Uyu Palace or Temple of the Moon, which was probably an Ajlla Huasi or place to shelter Ñustas or sun virgins. 

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