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La Paz City

La Paz, Bolivia, Bolivia

Department of La Paz 
A department of unique beauty, which houses mountains, snow peaks, Andean landscapes, valleys, tropical jungles; all this just a few hours from the city by car. Its culture is marked by western world traditions together with the ancient values inherited from the Aymarás and Quechuas.

The City of La Paz, Bolivia’s seat of government is the highest capital in the world (3600m/12.010ft), emerging from a canyon at the foot of the majestic, snow-capped Illimani, standing tall as the city’s “protector”. From the many viewpoints one can enjoy the fascinating views over the city both during the day but also with the lights at night.
La Paz is best discovery on foot. When walking through the city you get to experience the charm of the locals and the historical wealth of its streets, whose design obeys a random aesthetic and the picturesque geometry of ancient indulgence. On its streets we can find one-of-a-kind mansions, stately residences and temples with architecture in a renaissance style. Among the places of extraordinary beauty and culture that dates back to the colony, we can name; the Church of San Francisco - in a baroque-Mestizos style, built in 1549, the Church of San Sebastián, the Recolecta Church, Nuestra Señora de La Paz Cathedral (Our Lady of La Paz), among other religious structures.  As for the museums, the highlights are; Costumbrista Museum (traditional), Precious Metals Museum, The Museum of Musical Instruments, the Ethnographic-Folkloric Museum, etc. Likewise, one can’t leave without visiting the witches market, the chiflera market, the Kallawaya medicine men, arts and crafts centres, fruit markets, etc. Among the natural sites we find Valle de La Luna (Valley of the Moon) and Mallasa.

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