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Cobija And Puerto Bahia

Cobija, Bolivia

Cobija and Puerto Bahia: Two names for one city that before its creation in 1938, was the remote and mysterious Territory of Colonies, a vast and wild place where the most stunning and admirable chapters of Bolivian courage and sacrifice were written.

One should definitely visit Nuestra Señora del Pilar Church which dates back to the early days of the twentieth century; there is also the gorgeous Paseo Junin (Junin Boulevard), the best work of landscaping in the country; the legendary and historic Acre River is also worth visiting. A stroll to the historical Museum, offers interesting pieces, which are reminder of our dramatic history; the main plaza has recently been renovated with exquisite historical monuments and buildings, such as the old City Hall and the Prefecture Building.

The places of interest in Cobija are many. A tourist can visit the Official Port of the Acre River, a legendary river full of history, and the location where they are currently building a bridge between Cobija and Brasileia- a Brazilian town across from Cobija. Also of interest is the general Cemetery where one can see the mausoleum built by Nicolas Suarez for the veterans of the Acre War, and also visit the monument erected in remembrance of the Japanese migration of 1899.

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