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Chapare Cities

Cochabamba, Bolivia

PUERTO VILLARROEL: This is the most important commercial port in the tropic of Cochabamba. Its attractions are: the Lambadero - a Lunar landscape where animals go to extract mineral salts from eroded land; Sacta Valley, Recorrido Tres Islas and Recorrido Tacaural. Santa Isabel and Puerto Las Flores are townships of Yuracare origin on the shores of which you can see fishermen crafting their own nets out of rudimentary wood.

VILLA TUNARI: This town is characterized by its variety of wells and baths such as San Pedrito, Paraíso Lagoon, Three Brooks, San Mateo River Crossing - a practical area for adventure sports; Agriento Welles (A and B), the Repechon Caverns - a shelter for bats and guacharos (blind birds); El Palmar - an agricultural area; El Orquidario - the most important orchid garden in the country; Machia Municipal Park, la Jungla Park, Los Ceibos Park, San Francisco Port.

ENTRE RIOS (BETWEEN RIVERS): This place boasts heavenly destinations such as the Ichoa river, Ichilo River and Tres Palcas baths - wherein one can see many colourful animals, jochis (boars), deer and reptiles; the Illimani Lookout - a hill from where one can see the Ichilo river, as well as a great variety of flora and fauna.

CHIMORE: This an ideal place for Agro-tourism, as well as adventure and recreational activities. All of its rivers are apt for canoeing, kayaking, rafting; and its paths are great for mountains bikes. Important places are: Aurora Port and Cochabamba Port La Jota Experimental Station, and the Coca Museum.

SHINAHOTA: Here one can find the Vinchuta and Coni Rivers, surrounded by thick and diverse vegetation, as well as wells and natural beaches or white sand. Isiboro Secure National Park. This is a protected area located between the departments of Cochabamba and Beni with a surface of approximately 1.200.000 hectares. There is a great diversity of flora and fauna, and it shelters 47 indigenous communities of Moxeños, Yuracares and Chimanes.

CARRASCO NATIONAL PARK: It's located in the provinces of Chapare, Carrasco and Tiraque, extending itself to the department of Santa Cruz. It features an area of approximately 622,600 hectares and is the reservoir for a great variety of genetic resources and some 800 bird species.

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