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Andean Route

Cochabamba, Bolivia

AYOPAYA: Among its main attractions, it features wonderful Andean landscapes such as the Sacambaya Rampart - of pre-Incan origin; Kami Mining Centre - wherein the mine shafts pass from one side of the mountain to the other; the Sallapata Ranch House - former alcohol factory; and the Cerro Sapo Mine - one of the most important mines in the world.

MOROCHATA: a valley known for its production of potato. Arque - a town best known for its thermal baths; Totorapampa and Patiruyo, producers of textiles, agricultural tools and pottery. Bilivar - which features attractions such as thermal water pools, pre-Hispanic tracks, "Eyes of Water", "The Castle", "The Ghost Town", "The Labyrinth", and "Cuyun Rock". Tapacari - an excellent producer of handmade tapestries displayed in its "Artisan Complex"; the ruins of Inca Lagaya - pre-Columbian architectural remains; T'ajllo - the mummies of Chullpa Loma; Leon K'asa - featuring the remains of a pre-Columbian citadel; Intuyo - with its thermal water fountain; Calista and Talija - eroded rock citadels.

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